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Rock Band League

Real Bands. Real Venues. Real Experience.

Rock Band League is the best way for musicians to get plugged into some serious training and performing opportunities in Birmingham.

This Season's Information

Registration for Spring RBL ’24 Now Open!

Rock Band League

Think Youth Sports league, but for Rock and Roll. It’s also the most fun your kids will have all year.

Every spring and fall, the coolest kids in Birmingham get together to join a band with other musicians close to their age and skill level. Each band is matched with an expert coach who helps them build their confidence and harness their talents in once-a-week rehearsals. By the end of the season, bands will have performed in 3 of the best venues in Birmingham and made some of the best memories of their lives. There truly is nothing else like Rock Band League!

Open to Performers Ages 10-18

Rock Band League provides opportunities for Keyboardists, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitairists, Vocalists, and Drummers to play with a group of band mates with similar abilities.

Why Parents Love Rock Band League

Every student gets a space to shine in a RBL band. Some of our kids are total rockstars and take to the stage immediately, while others take a while to build their courage. No matter where a student is in their journey, they will always have a place on the RBL stage. You won’t ever have to watch your kid disappointed because their coach made them sit out on the bench again.

Many parents find themselves exhausted by their children’s extracurriculars. As parents ourselves, we designed RBL to be the perfect fit for a busy family schedule. Practices are once a week on Sundays, and practice times and locations are determined by the band’s preferences. Our three performances are already scheduled, and there won’t be any other required events during the season. Plus, all of our performances are split up by opener’s and headliner’s division, so you can be present for your child’s performance and not have to sit through additional performances.

One of our biggest beliefs at Mason Music is that nothing is more motivating than performing music that is fun and exciting to you. RBL students choose their own set list, so they REALLY get into their shows! You’d be surprised how great these kids’ taste in music is. You will be blown away when you see them take the stage playing anything from hard core rock n’ roll hits to Taylor Swift and everything in between.

RBL students don’t just become better musicians through the course of a semester in the program. They are also developing skills that will last their entire lives. Collaboration and communication skills are built in the practice rooms and many performers discover their own confidence and individuality on stage. Music lessons also contribute to better skills across the board including increased vocabulary, logic and reasoning, hand-eye-coordination, reading comprehension, and more. Being a part of RBL is actually GOOD for your kids.

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Hear from Rock Band League Parents

My daughter decided to give Rock Band League a try, and it has provided her with opportunities to build relationships, take chances, problem-solve, and lead; all while growing as a musician! Her growth as a person has been incredible since starting at Mason Music, and RBL has played a big part in this. It is pretty awesome to watch all of the kids perform on the big stages around Birmingham, and we are so thankful that our daughter has been a part of this program!
RBL Parent
From making new friends, working together as a team, taking instruction from a talented musician, being accountable for doing your part/practicing, building confidence with going on stage and being positively encouraged and supportive to be an individual. It’s simply an amazing experience, I’m so happy it is offered (Kiddos to Will Mason for creating such an awesome business!) and we got to be apart of it!
RBL Parent

Your Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

Mason Music’s Rock Band League consists of both youth and adult divisions. Bands in both divisions are made up of drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboard/pianists and vocalists and led by experienced, professionally trained coaches from Mason Music. Coaches meet with their band over the course of 12 weeks to rehearse once a week for 90-minutes and work on the fundamentals of playing with other musicians. These fundamentals consist of choosing the right songs, learning individual parts, playing in time, memorizing song arrangements and polishing up your stage presence. This semester of training helps each band member work hard and take the stage with confidence.

Each band will get the opportunity to perform live at premier venues around Birmingham, culminating in a final “Battle of the Bands.” Previous performance venues include Iron City, Workplay, Saturn, Haven and Avondale Brewery. We pack out the house with friends, family and fans to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our bands.

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Important Fall 2023 RBL Dates

June 26: Registration opens

August 13: Registration closes

September 17: Performance Tour Date #1 at Woodlawn Theatre, Doors Open at 2:30pm

October 15: Performance Tour Date #2 at Avondale Brewing, Doors Open at 2:30pm

October 28: ROCKSHOP

November 19: Battle of the Bands & Awards Ceremony at Iron City, Doors Open at 12:30pm

January 6: Winner’s Recording Session at the Mason Music Recording Studio Option 1

January 13: Winner’s Recording Session at the Mason Music Recording Studio Option 2

Important Spring 2024 RBL Dates

November 10: Registration opens

January 7: Registration closes

February 11: Performance Tour Date #1 at TBD

March 17: Performance Tour Date #2 at TBD


April 21: Battle of the Bands & Awards Ceremony at TBD

TBD: Winner’s Recording Session at the Mason Music Recording Studio Option 1

TBD: Winner’s Recording Session at the Mason Music Recording Studio Option 2


Thank you to our sponsors. Without you, RBL wouldn’t be possible!
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