My little girl is so excited every time she gets to see her teacher and the people at the front desk are so warm and welcoming. - Georgia
Thank you Mason Music for employing such amazing staff! I am so happy to be a part the Mason Music family, and can see myself remaining for a very long time! I feel that I have most definitely gotten the return on my investment in your company. - Collin
Now Mondays are my FAVORITE day of the week! - Collin
My daughter comes home every day telling us how much she loved the camp. She is really enjoying exploring new instruments, including her voice. Thank you so much for the opportunity. - Neki
Mason Music Camp [was] AMAZING!  It was just what I had hoped for and more: an opportunity to truly expose them to music in a fun and interesting way. - Malou
All of the instructors at Mason Music are passionate about music, and about inspiring that passion in their students. We are so proud of Mason Music and what they are doing in our community and are fortunate to consider ourselves part of the Mason Music family. - Jim
The best thing we ever did for our family was to begin taking lessons from Mason Music. Their approach to lessons and music completely re-inspired my children and their love of music. - Cindy
We found the perfect teachers at Mason Music several years ago! Every teacher we have had has taken a gentle approach to teaching my children.
I could not be more pleased to have these young teachers around my children. They are incredible role models and incredible teachers!
The Birmingham area is so fortunate to have a quality, well-rounded music school, and we highly recommend them! - Janie
After being a self taught guitar player and singer for a long time, I started taking guitar and voice lessons from Mason Music. Right off the bat I began to see tremendous improvements in my singing and playing. - Grayson
My 13 year old daughter is taking drum lessons from Mason Music. She is so happy to have found great instructors! MM is full of encouragement and praise.
in the Mason Music Student Spotlight Spotlight

Taylor Woodruff - Voice

“Taylor is a senior voice student who has been taking lessons at our Bluff Park Studio for over 3 years. Taylor is involved in the Red Mountain Theatre Conservatory, The Broadway Collective, Show Choir, Chamber Choir and the Ladies Acapella Group of Hoover High School but she says she “wanted music lessons outside of choir practices to sharpen my skills and to widen my range.” “I like taking lessons at Mason Music because I get to learn a lot about all details as a vocalist. It is fun and I always learn something new, whether it's a new song or new style. My teacher Lynley and I are a good match because she understands my needs and gives me great material that I have never heard of before." Taylor enjoys listening to musical theatre, pop, rock and jazz and is currently learning "The Life I Never Led" from Sister Act for her college auditions. She is planning to study musical theatre in college. She is also focused on creating more original work. "I started writing my own songs this summer, and now I have about 10 pieces. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy being a songwriter.””