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About Us

Mason Music has been inspiring people to pick up their first instrument since 2007.

Before Mason Music was a household name, Will Mason and a team of his musician friends were driving all over Birmingham giving music lessons in living rooms. Quickly, a vision formed of a central location to allow for students to build community while learning music together. 

The sign went up outside Mason Music’s first official location in Cahaba Heights in 2012. This space would soon become the home for thousands of students to learn how to play music from award-winning teachers and participate in exciting programs like summer camps, group lessons, preschool classes and Rock Band League. 

After opening their first studio, Mason Music realized there was a significant need in the broader community for a fun, convenient and well-run music lesson program. This need led to the addition of four more locations, marking the beginning of a movement to save music and change the world, starting right here in Birmingham, Alabama. 

What We Believe

Music is important.

Music is an essential part of the human experience. Throughout all of human history, in every culture on the planet, people have been singing, dancing and making music as a way to tell stories, express feelings and share ideas. At Mason Music, we are simply tapping into that part of the human spirit and equipping the next generation of music makers to carry this art form forward.

Music is fun.

Learning to play music should be fun too. That’s why at Mason Music, we hire amazing teachers who know how to have a good time while providing excellent instruction. Hang out in any Mason Music lobby long enough, and you are guaranteed to hear laughter accompanying our lessons.

Music makes a difference.

From brain growth, cognitive development, and social skills to math, spatial relations and language, learning how to play music activates and connects parts of the brain in ways that have well-documented benefits to important life outcomes. At Mason Music, we want the best for you and your children so your family has every opportunity in life to succeed.  

What makes us different:

We Have Great Teachers – We look for 3 things when we hire our teachers: Patience, Expertise, and Passion. Our exceptional, background-checked instructors not only possess extraordinary talent but also care deeply about their students. At Mason Music, we understand that your musical journey thrives on a great teacher-student connection. Our top priority is to match you with the perfect teacher to get you started growing as a musician.

We Make it Easy For You – Our dedicated studio staff works hard to make it easy for you to take lessons with us. With conveniently located studios and a commitment to effortlessly integrating music lessons into your busy schedule, we’ve thought of all the details. From the registration process to managing schedules and billing, we have sanded the rough edges and created a seamless experience from day one.

You Learn What You Want – At Mason Music, we believe in empowering our students to shape the direction and focus of their lessons. Rather than setting sheet music on the stand and telling you to play what you’re given, we ask you who your favorite artists, composers or bands are and start by teaching you the music you love so you can become the musician you want to be. 

How do we do it? The Mason Music Method

After teaching over 400,000 music lessons over the past 12 years, we’ve learned a method to the madness – a system for making sure that our students are happy, excited about their lessons, and are learning more than they ever thought possible. We call it the Mason Music Method.

We Get to Know You. Tell us about yourself. What kind of music do you like? Do you have specific goals or just want to get started playing? These insights help us put together a plan for your learning.

Pick Your Teacher. We’ll provide you with hand-picked options so you can choose a teacher who is a great match for your personality, learning style, schedule and goals.

Get Equipped. We stock a curated selection of instruments and accessories and provide basic maintenance to keep your instrument in tip-top shape for learning. With sheet music and books, we’re your one-stop-shop.

Start Learning. You’ll start learning real songs along with music theory and technique from day one. Your teacher will always make sure you are having fun as you grow!

Celebrate Progress. We make practicing fun with the Rock Record Challenge and celebrate your milestones twice a year through our progress reports to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Beyond the Classroom. When you’re ready, take your musicianship to the next level with recitals, camps, workshops, and Rock Band League. You can even book a recording session at our studio!