Mason Music Cahaba Heights Studio

Mason Music has been inspiring people to pick up their first instrument since 2007.

In its infancy, Mason Music existed as a loose cohort of music teachers who drove around teaching in people’s homes in Birmingham, Alabama. Quickly, a vision formed for a central location to house the lesson program and provide space for group lessons, music camps, instruments and accessories retail, and more. A plan was hatched and the sign went up outside the first location in Cahaba Heights in 2012.

Who We Are:

Mason Music is a company of people who are passionate about all things music.  

What We Believe:

Music is important. Think about what life would be like without it. No soundtracks to your favorite movies, no songs to sing along to on the radio, no ‘happy birthday!’ at your party for crying out loud. I dare you to say the words to “happy birthday” out loud without music. Did you do it? Pretty lame, right? Music is an integral part of our everyday life. Throughout all of human history, in every culture on the planet, people have been singing, dancing, and making noise as a way to tell stories, express feelings, and share ideas. We are simply tapping into that part of the human spirit and equipping the next generation of music makers to take over and carry the tradition forward.
Music is fun. Learning to play music should be too. Yes, learning a new skill has its difficulties, hurdles and roadblocks. That’s exactly why you don’t need to do it alone. The role of a teacher is to light the fire for his student and guide him forward towards their shared goals. That’s why we hire amazing teachers who are passionate about connecting with their students and building relationships that will be the vehicle for instruction. You won’t find a funner (yes, I said funner) group of music teachers anywhere.
Music makes a difference. People who learn how to play music have better outcomes in life. Higher rates of employment, academic success, cognitive development, social skills, the list goes on. Musicians are the best people.

What We Do:

We teach you how to play music, we sell you gear, we help you learn to create your own music, and we record and produce your music when you’re ready. We provide performance opportunities unlike anything else you can get in this Magic City of ours.
Because we staff our lesson program with groups of teachers who have varied backgrounds and specialties, we can match our students to the best teacher fit. Not every student learns the same way, and not every teacher has the same approach to teaching their instrument. This matching process is central to our goal of getting you passionate about playing music from day one. 

About Our Owner

Will Mason began playing music at the age of 6 when his grandmother bought him a keyboard and his parents signed him up for piano lessons. This would be the beginning of a decades long love of music that would include touring in a band (Moses Mayfield, signed to Epic Records in 2006), working as a worship leader for 9 years, playing hundreds of gigs, and producing music that would be featured in TV and film in his own recording studio. All of these experiences can be traced back to those first clunky notes played on that 76-key Casio in 1989. He even has the tattoo to prove it!
These experiences became the inspirational fuel for Will to begin teaching his first guitar students in 2007. This group of students would grow to form the foundation of what is now Mason Music.
Will is married to Mallory Mason (owner of Daughter’s Baking), and enjoys working as the CEO of Mason Music, training for triathlons and marathons, working in his yard, and raising two amazing children, Alice and Liam.