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Mason Music Beginner Camp

As we wrap up the first Beginner Camp of the summer, this week was a great reminder of just how valuable (and fun!) a camp like this is for kids to be exposed to music.

 Beginner Camp ScheduleThere’s no real way to convey the amount of time and planning that goes into putting a camp like this together, from the logistics of deciding on the camp dates, times, teachers, and daily schedule to prepping the class curriculum and craft materials. One thing’s for sure; it takes a team to make sure all the details are in place.

Beginner Camp Instrument Labels

But, when it comes down to it, it’s not about the folders and handouts or the games to play and songs to sing … Mason Music’s Camp for Beginners is about coming into a supportive and exciting environment to explore new things, be creative and get inspired.

Beginner Camp Violin

Beginner Camp Guitar Class

Beginner Camp Voice Class

“Beginner Camp is great exposure for kids to experiment with many instruments. Trying a new instrument can be scary, cool, intimidating, fun, challenging and sometimes makes you think you can’t do it, but the right environment with the right instruction can make all the difference,” says camp instructor Liz Bolt.

Promoting a “safe” environment seems to come naturally to these teachers too, who often remind the campers that we never laugh at our camp friends, we encourage inclusivity and we applaud all efforts.
Beginner Camp Drums
It’s what helps make “the Beginner Camp a great place for kids to experiment with all types of instruments and have fun with music in a group setting,” according to camp guitar instructor, Louie. “This camp also allows each student to learn more about the specific instruments they like in order to see if they want to pursue full time, one-on-one lessons.”

“By exposing them to so many aspects of the instruments and then giving them hands-on time with each instrument,” Liz continues, “this camp really opens up their eyes to all the possibilities!”

Instructor Jeanette agrees. “I have kids that come through camp that have never touched nor seen a violin up-close. It seems these days playing violin is almost a dying art—an exotic instrument of sorts that is less and less common. Beginner Camp Violin Consequently, kids oftentimes don’t even think of violin as an option when choosing music lessons. I’ve seen their eyes light up from the novelty of such a unique, beautiful instrument. I do not think a lot of kids would experience or reach such a conclusion without going through the beginner camp.”

There’s nothing more exciting than watching this happen with our campers. We are grateful to get feedback from parents who see the difference this camp makes to their kids:

“Grace comes home everyday telling us how much she loved the camp. She is really enjoying exploring new instruments, including her voice. Thank you so much for the opportunity.” – Neki Garrett, Parent of Beginner Camper

“Mason Music Camp has been AMAZING! It was just what I had hoped for and more: an opportunity to truly expose [my children] to music in a fun and interesting way. Beginner CamperYou guys have definitely accomplished that! They come home raving about camp, the teachers and all they have learned. I could not be happier and wanted to congratulate you guys on running such a great program!” – Malou Statt, Parent of Beginner Campers

Learn More about Mason Music’s Camp for Beginners coming this summer!