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Birmingham’s Saturn

It’s impossible not to feel an immediate wave of nostalgia rush over you as you walk into the doors of Saturn, one of Birmingham’s coolest music venues. Nestled in the Avondale community, across from favorites like Avondale Brewery, Post Office Pies, and Saw’s Soul Kitchen, Saturn brings some fresh, space-themed 90’s flair to the neighborhood. Every detail of the venue/bar/coffee shop has been transformed into something like you’d find in the Jetsons’ hovercraft. In fact, you can occasionally find The Jetsons playing on one of the televisions! nowopen4
The Satellite coffee shop opens its doors at 7am for coffee and baked goods every morning. Birmingham’s own Hero Doughnuts and Birmingham Breadworks send over fresh treats daily — a treat in itself! The openness, natural lighting, and welcoming atmosphere make for a great place to study, work, or just savor a slow morning. If you can’t get the experience during the week, do not fret! On occasion, you can find a “Cereal Adventure Brunch Party” on Saturdays from 9:00am-3:00pm. The best part besides the array of classic cereal choices? It’s free!
By nighttime, the lights come on and the coffee gets put away. Eccentric bands like Melt-Banana, Betty Who, and Kishi Bashi, are just a few among many that have come through Saturn’s doors. The venue is spacious, the acoustics are nowopen3phenomenal, and the bands are always engaging and full of spunk. All shows are 18+. Saturn is certainly creating a buzz with its eclectic lineups, but it’s also the host of a myriad of other exciting events. One in particular is Vintage Video Game Night which happens once a month. It’s a Mason Music Family favorite! You may catch some of our teachers there every now and then. Click here for a list of events to see when the next one will be held.
Saturn brings the funk and it brings it hard. There’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out! Many of the events are free, and are a great way to meet people and bridge communities. And even if you’ve never heard of some of the bands on the calendar, go see them for the sake of adventure! I have a feeling that you’ll never be disappointed.


Photos used with permission from Southpace Properties.