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Family Fun in Cahaba Heights: Your Ultimate Guide

For over a decade, Mason Music has proudly called Cahaba Heights home. As our first studio, we’ve been sharing the joy of music with the community for 11 wonderful years. But Cahaba Heights offers much more than just music lessons. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the fantastic family-friendly activities in the area. Whether you call Cahaba Heights home or you’re a guest in this delightful Birmingham community, there’s a ton of exploration awaiting you. From sipping coffee to shopping, indulging your taste buds, and, of course, taking a musical journey with lessons at Mason Music, let’s dive into the best things to do in Cahaba Heights!

  1. Cala Coffee: A Coffee Lover’s Paradise

Start your day right with a visit to Cala Coffee, a cozy café that’s perfect for families and is a Mason Music favorite! Cala’s staff is so welcoming upon arrival and you will want to hangout with them all day. Sip on a delicious cup of coffee while the kids enjoy a variety of refreshments. It’s a fantastic spot to relax and plan your day of adventure in Cahaba Heights. Don’t forget to grab a bag of their freshly roasted coffee! It’s roasted by a dear friend of ours!  

  1. The Summit: Retail Therapy and More

Just a stone’s throw away from Cahaba Heights is The Summit, a premier shopping and entertainment destination. Explore a wide array of shops, dine at family-friendly restaurants, and even catch a movie at the theater. The Summit has something for every member of the family.

  1.  Eat at the Pita Stop: Mediterranean Delights

When hunger strikes, head to the Pita Stop, where you can savor Mediterranean delights that are sure to please both parents and kids. Their menu offers a variety of options, from gyros to falafels, making it a family-friendly dining choice.

  1. Doodles Ices Cream

Cool down with a visit to a Cahaba Heights classic,  Doodles Ice Cream, a local favorite for frozen treats. From your usual flavors to inventive creations, there’s a treat for everyone in the family. Don’t forget the toppings!

  1. Take a lesson at Mason Music

And, of course, don’t miss the opportunity to take a music lesson at Mason Music. With 11 years of experience in Cahaba Heights, we’re here to help you and your family explore the world of music. Click here to sign up for lessons!

Music lessons at Mason Music in Cahaba Heights Birmingham

Conclusion: Cahaba Heights is not just where you’ll find Mason Music; it’s a welcoming community bursting with family-friendly activities just waiting to be discovered. From coffee at Cala Coffee to shopping at The Summit, indulging in Mediterranean cuisine at the Pita Stop, and treating yourselves to sweet delights at Doodles Ice Cream, there’s something for everyone. And while you’re here, don’t forget to make music part of your journey by taking a lesson at Mason Music. We’re excited to be part of your musical adventure in Cahaba Heights!