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How To Set Up A Drum Kit In 20 Minutes

By: Adam Blevins

Setting up a drum kit can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time doing it. Have no fear, Mason Music Drum Teacher Adam Blevins is here to walk you through each step of the process in this easy and informative video tutorial. We’ll have you rockin’ in no time!

Helpful Time Codes:
Intro – 00:00-00:49
Parts of the 5 piece drum set – 00:49-1:50
Bass drum set up – 1:58-5:20
Attaching the drum pedal – 5:20-6:07
Attaching the toms – 6:08-9:32
Setting up the snare drum – 9:33-11:54
Cymbals: High Hat – 11:55-15:33
Cymbals: Crash Cymbal – 15:34-17:30
Cymbals: Ride – 17:31-18:15
Complete set view and throne – 18:16-18:30
Fine tuning placement – 18:31-19:18
Conclusion – 19:19-19:46

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