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It’s All About The Gear: Ways To Sound Like Your Heroes With Help From The Merch Shop

One of the things that we love about selling flagship music brands like Reverend Guitars, Orange Amps, and Ludwig Drums is that it gets our customers one step closer to sounding like the musicians and rockstars they admire. Sure, gear isn’t everything – but as our gearheads at Mason Music can attest, it’s still fun to look like your heroes and learn your instrument of choice while emulating the musicians that you love. The Merch Shop at Mason Music is our one-stop shop to sound like your favorite rockstars; whether you’re bringing on some smooth 80s chorus with Walrus Audio pedals or playing parlor-style country with Recording King guitars, we’re here to get you the tools you need for the sounds you want to make. But where do you, the guitar or drum or pedal-buyer, start? Check out this helpful guide for gear which you can purchase in our very own studios or Reverb page that is used by the stars. Whether their 90s favorites, modern-day icons, or your soon-to-be favorites that you simply haven’t discovered yet, here is a breakdown of our favorite artists using our favorite gear that we carry.

Orange Amps Mason Music Merch Shop


Orange Amps

If you’ve listened to modern music, odds are you’ve heard an Orange Amp, known for its warm and crunchy sound and iconic orange imagery. They’re the brightest and most colorful amplifiers in our studios, and we carry a wide selection from the iconic British brand. Whether you need the pure power of the TH30 or you’re a beginner looking for a practice amp (the Crush RT20 is our hottest-selling amplifier of all time), you’re bound to be set up for success when you plug into an Orange Amp. Their versatility is world-renowned for both tube amps and solid-state easiness, and players play anything from bluegrass to heavy metal through these bright orange machines.

As far as which artist plays through these amplifiers, the better question is, who doesn’t use an Orange Amp? The brand is synonymous with the incredible British rock of the 1960s and 1970s, with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and the entirety of Fleetwood Mac introducing Orange to the world through the success of albums like IV and Rumours. As for current users, country-rock phenom Marcus King just announced his own signature line of Orange amplifiers that stands to carry Orange into the future alongside other artists like Billy Strings, Cage the Elephant, and My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero.

Check out our selection of Orange Amps on Reverb here.

Orange Amps Mason Music Merch Shop


Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars Mason Music Merch ShopDid you know that we’re the only Reverend Guitars dealer in Alabama? That’s right! Mason Music was introduced to this incredible line of guitars in the very beginning of our company’s mission to bring music education to Birmingham, and we’ve been lucky enough to work with them to bring their special instruments to Alabama. There’s so much to love out of a Reverend; they combine unorthodox construction with retro, throwback body styles to create a playing experience that’s unmatched among modern guitar crafters. They’re celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, and it’s become clear to the musician community at-large that they’re here to stay among the major players in the industry.

Reverend has already collaborated with many other titans of rock to create signature models of their guitars — Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, Reeves Gabrels of The Cure, and Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak and Bon Iver all have signature models that stay sold out. Additionally, players like Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails have recently been spotted with a Reverend.

Check out our selection of Reverend Guitars on Reverb here.

Reverend Guitars Mason Music Merch Shop


Ludwig Drums

In Mountain Brook, AL, we only play Ludwig, and for good reason — these are some of the most well-constructed kits in the business. Similarly to Orange Amps, these kits were crafted across the pond and exploded in popularity after Ringo Starr was spotted playing them in the midst of Beatlemania. We carry Ludwig kits at several different price points — the Neusonic kits are top-tier paired with the Black Beauty snare, and our Element Evolution kits are the perfect kit for beginner students that want a complete drum package at a reasonable price point.

The most iconic answer as to who plays Ludwig kits is what I said earlier: Ringo Starr has played Ludwig since the beginning of his illustrious career, and he’s served as a global ambassador for the brand for years. That’s just scratching the surface of their popularity, though — Questlove, drummer for iconic band The Roots, has recently collaborated with Ludwig to create the Pocket Kit. This kit is pint-sized and all-inclusive at a low price point, making it an incredible option for younger players who are trying to break into playing drums without breaking the budget.

We are unable to ship drums at the moment, but you can view our selection of Ludwig drum kits at any Mason Music Studio.

Ludwig Drums Mason Music Merch Shop


Recording King Guitars

Recording King Guitars Mason Music Merch ShopRecording King is the latest and greatest addition to the Mason Music retail lineup. RK was born in the 1930s as the in-house brand for Montgomery Ward, and you can tell that this brand came up in the golden age for acoustic craftsmanship. Even the Dirty 30s that we have in our studios at $200 a guitar are impeccably built, while remaining at the parlor-style size to make them easier to play for younger players. After a brief absence, Recording King returned to make a huge impact in the world of acoustic instruments. Indie artists Soccer Mommy and Sammy Brue swear by Recording King guitars, along with hometown hero Early James who will be on tour with The Black Keys later this fall.

Our selection of Recording King guitars is all in-store for the time being, but stay tuned to our Reverb page to see them when they hit the Internet.

Recording King Guitars Mason Music Merch Shop

With all this in mind, we encourage you to pick up some gear and ROCK ON. We’re here to help you sound like your heroes, and you can always reach out to our studio staff or email us at to learn more about the retail offerings at Mason Music. The Merch Shop is also on Instagram, and that’s the best place to keep up with our current selection and events like our monthly Gear Swap and in-store events with our vendors.

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