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Mason Music Recording Studio

A secluded, creative sanctuary, the Mason Music Recording Studio is a comfortable residential space in Birmingham Alabama that inspires musicians and produces great recordings on a reasonable budget.

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Our Services.

  • Songwriting/Pre-production
    Before booking time in any recording studio, make sure you are ready. We have several songwriters who work within various genres, so if you are looking for a cowriter to work with, we can find a great fit for you. We are also capable of helping with arrangements, pre-production, writing parts for most instruments, and song structure.
  • Tracking
    We work with local and regional bands, artists, singer-songwriters and labels who are looking for a recording studio nearby to track their next project. We are well connected in the Birmingham music scene and have top session players on call for whatever your songs need. We work with a wide range of genres, but specialize in rock, pop, alt-rock, americana, singer-songwriter and country. It’s our job to hear your songs and challenge you to get the best takes down on the recording. Our producers will help you find your sound and make sure your vision for your art is realized in the final product.

    We track projects in one of two ways: live recordings are done with the full band tracking together at the same time and tend to capture a great energy and feel, but also tend to have less of a polished sound. Multitrack recording opens up endless possibilities of overdubs, edits, corrections, and creativity. The majority of our sessions are multitrack sessions that are built on a scratch track and each subsequent instrument is added individually. This allows for the most flexibility, and works best for the perfectionists out there who want their final product to be as close to flawless as possible.
  • Audio Mixing
    We also work with musicians everywhere who need services that we can offer locally or remotely such as mixing and mastering. Simply share your files with us, send us a reference mix, and we will get to work creating a dynamic professional mix and master for your project. Mixing rates depend on the number of tracks and the level of sophistication of the project. We will quote you a price before starting and sign a contract to ensure that we stay within the budget we agree on. Final full format WAV files will be shared after your approval and payment have been received.


$60/hr – 2 Hour Minimum
$400/day (8 hour day with engineer provided)
$200/day (8 hour day and you bring your own engineer)

How it works.

  1. Fill out the online form (the button below)
  2. We will reach out to confirm your needs and build a quote for your project.
  3. We will connect you with one of our qualified engineers or producers to discuss your project’s specifics.
  4. We will book you a session and send you email confirmations and a calendar invite.
  5. Pay your invoice online and we will send you your session files.
  6. Release your fresh music to the world.

Our Gear.

High end audio recording equipment at the Mason Music Recording Studio

Read our FAQs first.

  • How much is a session?
    Sessions are $400 for a full day or $60/hour. These prices include an engineer.
  • Can you help me find musicians to play on my record?
    Yes – we have access to a great network of local session players on just about any instrument you can throw at us.
  • Do you have instruments there I can use?
    Yes – we have a Ludwig neusonic drum kit with Dream cymbals, a Korg sv-1 keyboard, several electric guitars, a fully outfitted pedal board, a Samamp VAC35, a Fender deluxe reverb, and a Reverend Mercalli IV bass. We can source additional gear as needed at an agreed upon rental cost.
  • What DAW and software do y’all use?
    We have both protools and Logic on a 2023 Mac computer. We have a subscription to Steven Slate Everything Bundle as well as Soundtoys plugins and an Avid collection as well.
  • Who else has recorded there?
    Matthew Mayfield, Sarah Simmons (from the Voice), The Brook and The Bluff, and more. See our artists list below.
  • When is the studio available?
    Wednesday through Saturday most weeks, 10am-8pm. Email us for specific booking requests.
  • Do you track live or overdub?
    It depends – we can do either. The space is a bit small, but we have comfortably tracked 4 piece bands regularly. Drums and bass in one room, electric guitar in another, and a vocalist in the vocal booth.
  • Is it in someone’s house? Is it even a ‘real’ studio?
    Yes – that’s why we can charge less than the big studios. We have lower overhead and you still get a great sounding recording. We’ve had our recordings used on TV and film, as well as songs in rotation on radio stations. The main downside to being in a house is you have to go upstairs to use the bathroom. The upside is that the owner may just offer you a sip of bourbon or you may get to hang out with his chickens.
  • Can I bring my own engineer and save money?
    Yes – if you don’t use one of our engineers, cut the price in half.

Our Artists.