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Mason Music Recording Studio

The Mason Music Recording Studio, founded by Will Mason, is a studio that has rave reviews from renowned artists and emerging talents alike. The studio has all the gear you expect from a professional recording studio, but what truly sets it apart is the comfortable atmosphere and the care that is brought to every project. The studio team understands the importance of building trust and fostering a collaborative relationship with the artists they work with, making the Mason Music Recording Studio a sanctuary for creativity and musical expression.

Having a lifelong interest in recording, Will had it on his radar to start his own studio after spending time in major studios with his band, Moses Mayfield. From 2004 to 2007, they had the opportunity to work with producer Ben Grosse (known for his work with Fuel, Filter, Ben Folds Five, and more) and record in prestigious studios across the nation alongside his band, Moses Mayfield. This experience introduced him to the equipment, techniques, processes, and individuals who would profoundly influence his comprehension of the craft of audio recording.

Artists who have worked out of the Mason Music Recording Studio have put their trust in the studio to bring their art to life and have been kind enough to share about their experiences. Matthew Mayfield, a seasoned musician, attests to the studio’s excellence, highlighting Will’s exceptional ears, fast engineering skills, and trustworthiness when it comes to bringing out the best in songs. The trust between artist and engineer is an essential element in any successful studio collaboration, and the team of engineers and producers that work out of Mason Music Recording Studio understand the need for making artists comfortable. 

Sarah Simmons, another artist who has found solace and inspiration at the Mason Music Recording Studio, speaks highly of the studio’s caring environment. For Sarah, the studio became a place where lifelong friendships were forged, and her heartfelt songs found their true essence. It’s this warm and safe atmosphere that makes Mason Music a haven for artists seeking not only exceptional recordings but also a genuine connection with their producers.

In addition to its remarkable team, the Mason Music Recording Studio boasts an impressive track record of successful projects. Their work has been featured in television shows, films, and commercials, showcasing the studio’s versatility and ability to produce music that resonates with audiences. From the heartfelt melodies of Matthew Mayfield’s “Ease Your Mind” on the hit show Heart of Dixie to catchy jingles and original compositions for advertisements, the Mason Music Recording Studio consistently delivers exceptional results.

Whether you’re a local or regional band, a singer-songwriter, a young Rock Band League student, or a label searching for a studio to bring your music to life, the Mason Music Recording Studio has everything you need. The studio’s extensive network within the Birmingham music scene ensures access to top-notch session players who can enhance your songs with their instrumental expertise. While Mason Music works across various genres, their specialization lies in rock, pop, alt-rock, Americana, singer-songwriter, and country music. Their skilled producers will help you find your unique sound and ensure that your artistic vision is fully realized in the final product. The Mason Music Recording Studio is waiting for its next big artist, and it could be you! Click HERE to get started with a free studio quote.