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Mason Music Student Spotlight: Keenan Barrett

Keenan Barrett’s love for music is evident from the moment you hear him talk about it! He made the decision to take private lessons at Mason Music after participating in several Music Camps with us, and has now been one of our Rockstar students for over a year! 

When talking about his teacher, Mr. Gabe, Keenan said: “he is extremely friendly and I enjoy learning from him.” Mr. Gabe has helped him improve his piano skills and broaden his musical horizons. Keenan enjoys listening to various kinds of music and has an interest in exploring different genres. Learning a new song or experimenting with a new musical style is one of his favorite things about learning to play the piano. The love for music that Keenan has cultivated through his lessons at Mason Music has extended into other parts of his life as well. He is currently planning to perform “One More Song” from Vivo in his school’s talent show and we are so proud of his courage and enthusiasm!

In light of the challenges that come with learning a new instrument or song, Keenan has learned the importance of patience and perseverance. “If you are having trouble, just take a deep breath and focus on the finger movements,” is the advice Keenan said he would give to his fellow music learners. It’s a good reminder that sometimes all we need is a moment to center ourselves and keep going. 

When we asked Keenan what his experience in lessons has been like, he said “I love Mason Music and have a lot of fun!” THIS is why we do what we do. Keenan’s enthusiasm and passion for music are infectious, and his positive attitude is a reminder of the joy that music can bring into our lives. Mason Music is proud to have Keenan as a student, and we can’t wait to see where his musical journey takes him next!

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