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Mason Music Student Spotlight: Liam Fookes

Here at Mason Music, we are always thrilled to shine the spotlight on our exceptional students, and today, we are excited to introduce you to Liam Fookes! Liam has been a part of our musical family for a year and a half, and his journey with music is an exciting one.

Liam’s musical adventure began when he decided to try something new – he attended our beginner camp and had an absolute blast learning to play the piano. This experience showed the passion he had for music, and he was determined to continue his musical journey. Soon after, he started lessons at Mason Music!

One of the things Liam loves most about Mason Music is his teacher, Brett. According to Liam, Brett is not just an instructor; he’s a friend. “He is super fun and is always there to support and encourage me,” Liam enthusiastically shared.

When we asked Liam about the kind of music that inspires and excites him, he mentioned that he enjoys playing familiar tunes that bring a sense of excitement. Some of his favorite pieces to play include the iconic Super Mario Bros and Zelda theme songs. Liam thrives on challenging and fast-paced music, which keeps his piano lessons exhilarating. This is why we value letting our students select their own pieces to practice and perform! Nothing compares to that moment of connection when a student learns to play something they already love. Once the foundation is there, any students still find themselves diving into genres and skill levels they never thought they would master. Liam  recounted a time when Brett’s friend, Chadwick, introduced him to a challenging classical piece. This encounter left a lasting impression on Liam, motivating him to believe that with dedication and practice, he too could reach new heights in his piano playing. 

Beyond the piano keys, Liam has a range of interests. He’s an avid soccer player, recently joined the band where he’s mastering the art of playing the French horn, and enjoys leisurely bike rides both on trails and in his neighborhood. It’s clear that Liam’s pursuit of passions extends beyond music.

Music has had a profound impact on Liam’s life. It has not only added an extra layer of fun to his days but has also imparted valuable life lessons, such as patience. Learning to master an instrument is a journey that teaches persistence and dedication, and Liam is a shining example of someone who’s embraced these qualities wholeheartedly.

Liam has some valuable advice for aspiring musicians and fellow students who might be hesitant to embark on their musical journey: “In the beginning, it may seem hard, but if you stick with it, you will have a lot of fun and learn so much in the process.” These words of wisdom remind us all that perseverance and dedication are key ingredients in the recipe for musical success.

In closing, Liam Fookes is such a valuable part of the Mason Music community, and we are privileged to have him as a student. His dedication, enthusiasm, and the joy he finds in music serve as a true testament to the power of music education. We can’t wait to see where his musical journey takes him next, and we’re excited to support him every step of the way.
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