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Mason Music Student Spotlight: Rosy Robinson

Give us a hand in celebrating February’s Spotlight Student Rosy Robinson! Rosy was introduced to Mason Music through one of our summer camps, where she discovered her passion for piano which she followed into private lessons two years ago. A year into lessons, Rosy experienced a setback, but she ultimately persevered. Since then, she’s grown as a budding pianist. We are so excited to celebrate Rosy’s dedication!

A photo of Rosy: a friendly girl wearing a light pink shirt, sitting on a bench at her at-home keyboard set up. Rosy is smiling at the camera.

For Rosy, music is not just a hobby; it’s a powerful means of self-expression. “In my opinion, music is the best way to express yourself in the most fun way possible,” she remarks. The emotional and creative outlet that music provides became an integral part of her life. But that’s not all – Rosy also loves to play soccer and tennis in addition to learning about science and reading. What a well-rounded student!

Despite her passion for piano, Rosy faced a momentary setback when frustration led her to take a break from piano lessons for a month. After some time off, she bravely decided to continue lessons under a new teacher: Gabe. Rosy found her perfect teacher fit with Gabe, saying he’s both fun and kind. A specific example of how Gabe meets Rosy’s needs as a student? He strikes a balance between pushing her to learn and giving her ample breaks.

Rosy’s appreciation for Gabe isn’t one-sided; Gabe said the following about Rosy: “She is such a hard worker and loves music. She is constantly playing music that is hard for students around her age… she is learning many songs and puts in lots of work!”. A few of Rosy’s latest song endeavors have included Lovely, The River Flows in You, and Love Story. It’s amazing what happens when you find your thing and stick with it!

Thinking back on her experience overcoming an obstacle in music, Rosy offered advice for fellow students: “It can be tricky at first, but if you keep going and don’t give up, you can achieve a lot more than you might think.”

A graphic featuring the quote: "it can be tricky at first, but if you keep going and don't give up, you can achieve a lot more than you might think" attributed to Rosy Robinson. The graphic highlights the phrase "keep going and don't give up" and features hand drawn style elements of a piano and stars.

As Rosy continues to blossom as a person and a pianist at Mason Music, her story reminds us good things take time and effort. If you see Rosy in the studio, be sure to give her a shoutout!

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