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Effects and Pedals

Looking to pick up your first guitar pedal? Want to reinvent your tone? Add something new to your arsenal? Just want to get weird with your sound? We can handle that!

Mason Music carries boutique pedals that you can’t find anywhere else in Birmingham, Alabama, as well as pedals from our local builders. JHS Pedals, Earthquaker Devices, Walrus Audio, 323 Pedals, Swindler Effects and Yellowcake Pedals can be found here. We’re constantly adding pedals to our lineup, so if you’d like to test something out, let us know and we’ll get it in for you! We want to be your go-to shop for effects pedals in the Magic City!

We also accept trades and sometimes we even buy used gear, so make sure you set up an appointment with our Merch Shop Staff to get the gear you want on your board.