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Rock Band League Recap – Spring ’23

The Rock Band League’s Battle of the Bands season finale was a true spectacle to behold, leaving everyone in the audience, including the judges, absolutely awed. Each and every student performer brought their A-game to the stage, giving it their all and delivering a truly unforgettable experience. It was inspiring to see these young rockers living out their dreams with such passion and energy!

One of the standout performances of the show came from Fem Felons, a mostly all-female band that brought a powerful mix of girl power and big sound to the stage. With Kaydence Hay’s stunning vocals at the forefront, the band captured the hearts of the crowd and had them jumping along in no time. It was an incredible moment that truly showcased the magic of live performance. We’ve never seen such a vibrant and engaged crowd at an RBL show before!

Judges Kadie Jacobs, Emmalee Penagos, and Armando Penagos were amazed and inspired after witnessing the performances of these talented young musicians. As seasoned touring and recording musicians themselves, they knew just what it took to rock a performance like this, and they were impressed beyond measure by the sheer talent and dedication on display. And to think, all of these rockstars are still in middle and high school! It’s clear that the future of music is in good hands with these kids leading the charge.

From the wild costumes to bassists playing behind their heads, the Battle of the Bands was a sight to behold. One of the most exciting moments of the night was when Out of Pocket announced the release of their first single on Spotify, which they shared with the crowd on stage. They also gave a heartfelt shoutout to Brett Bellamy, their coach, for his guidance and support over the past few years.

It’s clear that Rock Band League has grown into a thriving community, bringing together talented young musicians and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams. It’s a special place that fosters creativity, camaraderie, and a shared love for music.

To our judges, sponsors, parents, and coaches, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for Rock Band League. We can’t wait to see what amazing performances and accomplishments the future holds for these talented students.