Music Lessons

Who We Are:

Mason Music is a community of teachers, students, and staff who are dedicated to growing together around our passion for music. 

What We Believe:


Music is important.

Music is an essential part of the human experience. Throughout all of human history, in every culture on the planet, people have been singing, dancing and making music as a way to tell stories, express feelings and share ideas. At Mason Music, we are simply tapping into that part of the human spirit and equipping the next generation of music makers to carry this art form forward.
Music is fun.

Learning to play music should be fun too. That’s why at Mason Music, we hire amazing teachers who know how to have a good time while providing excellent instruction. Hang out in any Mason Music lobby long enough, and you are guaranteed to hear laughter accompanying our lessons.
Music makes a difference.

From brain growth, cognitive development, and social skills to math, spatial relations and language, learning how to play music activates and connects parts of the brain in ways that have well-documented benefits to important life outcomes. At Mason Music, we want the best for you and your children so your family has every opportunity in life to succeed.

What We Do:

  • We teach you how to play music.
  • We sell you cool gear.
  • We help you learn to create your own music.
  • We professionally record and produce your music when you’re ready.

We also provide performance opportunities unlike anything else you can get in this Magic City of ours.

What Makes Us Different:

We’ve never met another music studio as passionate as we are about customer service and streamlining processes. We love a good spreadsheet almost as much as we love the Beatles. Almost. Our customers appreciate how organized we are and how much easier it makes their lives when it comes to scheduling their lessons. Your time is your most valuable asset. We do everything we can not to waste it.

Because we staff our lesson program with groups of teachers who have varied backgrounds and specialties, we can match our students to the best teacher fit. Not every student learns the same way, and not every teacher has the same approach to teaching their instrument. This matching process is central to our goal of getting you passionate about playing music and helping you become the musician you want to be.

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