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Bass Lessons

Bass lessons for all ages and abilities

At Mason Music, bass lessons not only include rocking out to the songs you love, they expand your knowledge and skills as a bassist. Our bass teachers focus lesson time on music theory and exercises along with different styles and techniques crucial to becoming a well-rounded musician. 

Beginner Bass Lessons

Beginner bass lessons are a great place to start for future rockstars and musicians. Beginner bassists will start by building the basic knowledge of their instrument like tuning, upkeep, and finger positioning. To practice those skills, beginner bass students will have the opportunity to play songs within the genre and styles they love. Their teachers will also use their favorite songs to explore the foundational techniques and music theory. 

Intermediate Bass Lessons

Once a bass student has a firm grasp on the fundamentals and is comfortable learning songs, we begin to incorporate the study of scales, learn how to craft a bass line, and lock in with a drummer. Intermediate bass students will also work on becoming well-rounded in their technique, getting comfortable playing with their fingers, with a pick, and slapping a funky groove.

Advanced Bass Lessons

For advanced students, lessons begin to shift towards more time spent on theory and deeper understanding of musical concepts. By the time a student is advanced, they can usually teach themselves most of the songs they want to know which opens up the door to focusing on things like improvisational techniques, songwriting, and advanced music theory. Teachers can also help advanced students work on their stage presence and energy while performing, to prepare them for their first walking bass line or a season of Rock Band League!

Bass Lesson FAQs

  • How do bass lessons work?

    Students are matched with a bass teacher who will be the best fit for your goals, experience, personality and schedule. You will meet with your bass teacher once a week each week for 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on which lesson length you select. The goal for each bass lesson is to provide time for building a relationship, warming up, reviewing what was learned in the previous lesson and providing new instruction.

  • What is the best age to start bass lessons?

    Most children are ready for private lessons by the age of 7, but every child is different. Our recommendation on whether a child is ready for music lessons primarily depends on their maturity level and ability to focus and practice, rather than on their age.

  • What gear do I need to start bass lessons?

    For beginner bass lessons, we recommend a Tagima Jazz bass, for sale at our studios, if you prefer higher quality but larger guitars. If you’re looking for more affordable and smaller options, Squier offers a ‘Bronco’ bass, perfect for younger or smaller students. Alternatively, Ibanez offers a wide range of beginner-friendly basses with various models to choose from.

  • How much are bass lessons?

    We charge a monthly fee based on the length of the lesson and the type of lesson (private, pair, group, etc.) as well as a one-time $50 registration fee. The most popular lesson option, our 30-minute private weekly lessons, is $150 a month. Check out our complete list of prices for our private lessons. If you have any questions about pricing, you can chat with our studio about your specific interests and we’ll be glad to make a recommendation for what might best meet your needs.

  • What other opportunities do you have for my child to play the bass?

    In addition to lessons, we offer Music Camps and Rock Band League as opportunities for your child to further their knowledge while having fun with friends.