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Rock Record Challenge Totals Per Student 2023

Hit Command F to search this page for your name to see how many minutes you have rocked in 2023!

2023 Totals Per Student
Practice Minutes
Camille Coco15923
Jacob Miller12030
C. Tommy Nail9750
Charlie Yancey9280
Rick Schaal6495
Claire Buchanan5630
Ruby Anderson5075
Pearl Anderson5055
Taylor Grace Corley4036
Jonathan Humphreys3910
Emma Hallman3133
Octavian Popescu2914
Jude Powers2530
Kyle Brown2529
Will Hallman2529
James Shoemaker2506
Eddy Preston2310
Esther Bane2217
Arturo Ayuso2187
Maks Jaje2150
Lucy Wang1980
Penny Wang1980
Joshua Kaylor1848
Alex Hamley1825
Audrey Faircloth1721
Hallett Johnson1163
Bea Yancey1158
Hector Ayuso1050
Arturo Arnaiz995
Hector Arnaiz940
Miles Hurst937
Jacob Shoemaker800
Evelyn Pearce700
Caroline Mobley675
Piper Smith630
Wyatt Shoemaker560
Winston Harvey465
Lizzy Green460
Claire Rogers450
Shae Lawrence435
Libby Soong415
Dalal Elkoubroussi387
Kate Cardell311
Ryan Wilson300
Deacon Pierson285
John Carter285
Henry Brown270
Walker Pierson260
Winslow Dreher244
Ava Gray240
Oliver Soong229
Margaret Rowe210
Abby Hurst209
Addison Schultz200
Gus Yearout200
Jeremiah Malki200
Hope Blankenship195
Dempsey Corr193
Addison Rogers140
Wylder Foster140
Avery Coppock135
Gwyn Beshears120
Kathleen Anderson100
Helen Rowe96
Hill Sullivan90
Sullivan Sawyer Jones80
Charlotte Wiatt75
Jacob Clark75
Sam Freund42
Rachel Thomas27