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Mason Music Teacher Feature: Eytan Freedman

Student taking guitar lessons with teacher at Mason Music

At Mason Music, our teachers are the heart and soul of our community, constantly going above and beyond to ignite a love for music in their students. Today we shine a spotlight on Eytan, a remarkable teacher who has left an indelible mark on the lives of his students. We reached out to Eytan’s students to hear about what makes Eytan special. Through conversations with students and parents impacted by Eytan’s work at Mason Music, we catch a glimpse of the infectious enthusiasm, genuine care, and unique personality that make Eytan a beloved figure at Mason Music. 

A proud parent reached out to share about their child, Cooper’s, experience learning with Eytan. Despite Cooper having only just started lessons, Eytan’s support and encouragement were unwavering during his first recital. Cooper’s talent has blossomed under Eytan’s instruction and now Cooper can’t wait to show off his improved guitar skills at the next recital! Eytan’s ability to inspire and nurture musical growth in his students is a testament to his extraordinary skills as a teacher.

Eytan and his student, Cooper.

Another one of Eytan’s students, Emily, came away with a lasting impression after even just her first few lessons with Eytan. When Emily correctly referred to the musical symbol as a “sharp” instead of a “hashtag” Eytan was so excited and they both had a good laugh about it. In a short amount of time, Emily was able to learn a great deal from Eytan, thanks to his clear explanations and patient teaching style. Eytan clearly displays his genuine care to his students, and this makes their learning process enjoyable and rewarding.

One of Eytan’s adult students, Adrian, mentioned in an interview recently, “Eytan is such a great instructor for me because we have similar taste in music. We relate a lot on different bands and genres. Being able to tell each other about different bands has been really fun. He’s really [helped steer me] in the right direction on instrument choice when I started [my] guitar collection.” These connections between students and teachers really contribute to a longterm passion for music, and we’ve see that as Adrian’s son has also been an active part of Mason Music’s Rock Band League Program.

Our Mason Music team loves getting to know our teachers’ personalities and connecting them with students who will be a great fit, like Eytan is for Adrian. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can form a connection, so our studio managers really make a point to get to know their teachers. Ellie, the Greystone Studio Manager, shared a few fun facts about Eytan: he loves Reese’s and Red Bull, and his family jokingly refers to him as a hobbit! When Eytan isn’t in the studio with his students, he works on some pretty incredible personal music projects. Recently, he even got to work on the newest Indiana Jones movie trailer! Eytan’s interests and experiences contribute to the unique personality and teaching style that make him a beloved Mason Music teacher.
Eytan has left a mark on his individual students and our entire Studio community through his unwavering support, passion for music, and genuine care for his students. His ability to connect with his students on a personal level, coupled with his patience and clear teaching style,makes learning music a joyful and transformative experience.  Hearing about the impact Eytan has had is a reminder of the difference an incredible teacher can make! We are so grateful that Eytan is a part of our team. Click here to sign up for lessons and get connected with one of our amazing teachers! And if you would like to submit your Mason Music teacher for  a Teacher Feature, let us know!