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Student Spotlight: Ethan Brown

Mason Music Student SpotlightEthan Brown is a 6th grader who currently takes electric guitar and drum lessons at our Greystone Studio.

“I have been playing guitar for a year and eight months and drums for a year. I also have been playing classical guitar for a little under six months. I enjoy many genres of music but my favorites are: rock n’ roll, heavy metal, progressive rock, classical and 60’s psychedelic rock.

I wanted to start taking guitar lessons because it is the coolest. I have grown up listening to all different genres of music. My parents always have music playing in our home and my Dad owns an audio/video company. I chose to learn electric guitar first because I was inspired by Eddie Van Halen and I wanted to learn how to play, “Eruption.”

I like taking lessons at Mason Music because you learn a lot and the teachers and coaches make learning fun. I get to learn something new every week and the studios are very cool, too. I really love all of the amazing opportunities they provide like Rock Band League and the cool camps offered during the summertime.

My favorite thing about my guitar teacher, Eytan is his enthusiasm. He pumps me up during my lessons and really motivates and inspires me. My favorite thing about my drum teacher, Trent is how he can just figure songs out, like fills and intricate details in a groove and then teach them to me. I am truly inspired by them both and they totally rock!

In electric guitar, I am working on “Far Beyond the Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen and a few other of his songs. I am currently working on “Subdivisions” by Rush in my drum lessons.”

Ethan also participates in Mason Music’s Rock Band League, playing in the bands Not Here, Random Medical Procedures (Fall 2019 Battle of the Bands winner) and, most recently, Scrantonicity.

Ethan is currently a member of the 6th Grade Band at Chelsea Middle School where he plays percussion. He is also a member of the Chelsea Middle Jazz Band where he plays electric guitar. In addition, he is a member of the band for the Chelsea High School Show Choir, “Out of the Blue,” where he plays electric guitar. Ethan was recently accepted into the Alabama School of Fine Arts for the 2020-2021 school year. Lastly, Ethan plays classical guitar and competes in competitions at different universities all over the Southeast. He is also a member of the 6th Grade JUNA team at CHMS and a huge Florida Gators fan.

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