Real Bands. Real Venues. Real Experience.

Rock Band League is the best way for musicians to get plugged into some serious training and performing opportunities in Birmingham.

Every spring and fall, you can register with your friends or we can place you in a band with other players close to your age and skill level. Bands in both the youth and adult divisions are made up of drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboard/pianists and vocalists and led by experienced, professionally trained coaches from Mason Music. Coaches meet with their band over the course of 12 weeks to rehearse once a week for 90-minutes and work on the fundamentals of playing with other musicians. Music fundamentals include things like choosing the right songs, learning individual parts, playing in time, memorizing song arrangements and polishing up your stage presence. This semester of training helps each band member work hard and take the stage with confidence.

Each band will get the opportunity to perform live at premier venues around Birmingham, culminating in a final “Battle of the Bands.” Previous performance venues include Iron City, Workplay, Saturn, Haven and Avondale Brewery. We pack out the house with friends, family and fans to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our bands.

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2023 RBL Rules

2023 RBL Requirements

Important Spring 2023 RBL Dates:
Spring 2023 Performance Tour Dates:
February 12 – Saturn
March 19 – Avondale Brewing – Doors open at 2:30//Performance at 3:00
April 23 (Battle of the Bands and Awards Ceremony)