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The first time walking in can be kind of overwhelming. Looking around the room, you think about all the people who’ve stood there, all the music they’ve made. It can be intimidating. Chances are, you’ll get a casual, warm greeting from Will or another studio engineer. You find your bearings, set up your instrument, start warming up your voice … you’re ready.

Will Mason calls the Mason Music Recording Studio a hidden gem, and it really is. It’s found at the bottom of Mason’s home, inconspicuously tucked away in Cahaba Heights. Over the years though, word has spread about this special little studio and attracted countless local and nationally-known musicians to call this space their creative home.

There’s not much you can’t do in the studio or that can’t be done for you. The staff co-writes, engineers, produces and mixes. They specialize in rock, alternative and singer-songwriter style music, but don’t be fooled: they’ve done everything from country to hip-hop, gospel to southern metal and everything in between.

Don’t believe it? Check out a small sample of the music that has come through the mics on the Mason Music Recording Studio page (under “Our Work”).

The artists are just as varied as the songs; from professional musicians with countless years of experience in the biz to industry newbies, the fresh faces (many of them Mason Music students) just getting started in the songwriting world. The thing they have in common? This studio space; a place to stretch their musical muscles and take a few risks. And what they come up with? Well, we like to think it’s a little bit of magic.

“[Will] understands the ins and outs of making a song an experience. Dynamics and variety are so important and Will never fails to bring more than enough ideas to the table to help make each tune shine. He’s dedicated to the art of it all, and at the end of the day that’s the kind of person I need with me in the recording studio.” – Matthew Mayfield

“They have great equipment, but more importantly, they take great care in everything they do … the environment is warm, inspiring and a safe place! They help you get to where your heart wants to be with your sound.” – Sarah Simmons

“Working in the Mason Music Recording Studio is truly like recording at home, away from home. The creative chemistry with the space is just immediate. My favorite studio in town.” – Matt Sanderlin

Yes, the recording experience is one-of-a-kind but so is the creative atmosphere. The studio went through a sort of “mini make-over,” documented on social media thanks to the recording studio’s Instagram account. This snapshot of studio life also shows off the gear found at the studio, which seems to be a compilation of all of Mason Music’s favorite things.

Take A Virtual Tour Of The Mason Music Recording Studio Gear:

Or, for those who prefer to read, here’s a comprehensive list of the studio’s gear.

Of course, the best way to really experience something is usually in person. Since teleportation technology isn’t mainstream just yet, you’ll have to contact the recording studio for a tour of the space to see what we’re talking about.