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Need Rehearsal Space for your Band?

Did you know that Mason Music has rehearsal space available for local musicians and bands? We love providing the community with access to our inspiring studios for a convenient and quality rehearsal and practice space. Want the details? Keep reading!

What’s included?

When you rent a band rehearsal room, you get access to the rehearsal space, a drum set (excluding cymbals and snare), guitar amplifiers, 2 vocal microphones, an 8-12 channel mixer, 2 monitors, all necessary cables, and convenient restrooms. Drummers: please bring your own snare drum and cymbals. For non-band rehearsal rooms, we can hook you up with a keyboard or guitar amp based on your request and room availability.

Pricing and Details:

  • Band rehearsal room with PA system: $25/hour
  • Private rehearsal room (without PA system): $15/hr 
  • Payment is required before or at the beginning of the rehearsal session to secure your space

Optional Band Coach

Need some extra guidance and expertise during your rehearsal? We’ve got you covered! A qualified Mason Music band coach can join your session for an additional $60/hr. Our band coaches are seasoned musicians with experience leading bands, performing, writing, and recording music. They’ll offer valuable advice on song arrangements, technique, stage presence, and overall band cohesion. Let us help you take your sound to the next level!

Next StepsWe make it simple! Find the studio location nearest you, and contact the front desk via phone or email to book a rehearsal space! We look forward to seeing you at the studio!