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Why Experiences Make the Best Gifts

As the holiday season approaches, we are all thinking about gifts for our loved ones. For some, gift-giving is a joy, and the challenge to find the perfect gift is exciting. For others, buying gifts for the ones you care about can feel difficult, frustrating, or complicated. It’s hard to find time to research, purchase, and wrap a gift in the midst of a busy life. This year, we’ve found the solution to all your gift-giving struggles: the experience gift. Gifting an experience is the BEST gift you can give, for so many reasons! Read ahead to discover why gifting an experience is the best option for you, your family, and your friends.

1. Experience Gifts are Sustainable

Kids have a million toys, games, and after a Holiday season, they usually walk away with so much stuff that they hardly remember what they even have. How many times have you seen a child lose their favorite gift within a month or two? The same is often true for adults. There’s a reason thrift stores get TONS of donations the week after a big holiday. As much as we’d like to think we know exactly what everyone needs, we often end up gifting them something they’ve gotten before, already have, or unfortunately, sometimes even something they don’t love. Gifting an experience is so much more sustainable than filling up landfills with forgotten toys and Amazon boxes. There’s no need to waste batteries, wrapping paper, or gift bags for an experience gift. Often, a card explaining what you’ve gifted or a gift card does the trick! At the end of the holiday season, your gift recipients will walk away with something memorable and valuable, instead of a bunch of junk that will get stuffed in a closet.

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2. Experience Gifts are Accessible

Holiday shopping can be super fun, but fighting the lines, the traffic, and the weather can make a holiday gift list look more like a tedious to-do list. Trust me, you won’t have time to check that list twice when you have to pile up your family into the minivan and think about carting everyone around to all the shops and stores. Experience gifts make shopping so easy that often, you can do it from your couch, your lunch break, or even your bed! Find a gift card to an amazing experience or purchase a gift voucher for an event or activity and have it sent directly to your email. You can get everyone’s gifts in one hour of shopping! Then you can spend some time watching holiday movies or sharing a meal with your family.

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3. Experience Gifts are Memorable

One of the biggest hesitations for gift-givers about experience gifts is the fear that experiences won’t be as fun to open. While there are absolutely ways to creatively give gifts, the joy of an experience gift isn’t in the moment you give it, it’s in the lasting memories that an experience creates. Gifting an experience is the same as gifting a memory, a skill, or a bucket list item. These experiences are priceless and last much longer than any tangible gift could. Every time your child attends a lesson, visits their favorite museum or counts down the days to a concert they’ve dreamed of, they are thinking of you and how you made this possible for them. And, of course, gift-giving isn’t all about you. It’s about the joy you brought to another person’s life, and nothing beats a gift that keeps on giving, long after the holidays. Experience gifts are moments that end up in a scrapbook and are savored for years to come.

Obviously, we think musical experiences make the best gifts because we have the joy of giving and receiving music every single day of the year. If you want to give a private lesson, an online lesson, or just a gift card to anyone in your life who deserves to have some time to dedicate to music, then give us a call or visit your local Mason Music studio! Be sure to check out our camps and Rock Band League for your kids and grandkids too! We are so excited to be a part of the experiences and memories you make with your family this year, and our studio managers will help you find the gift that best fits your loved ones this holiday season.

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