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Mason Music Fest 2022: Introducing the Undercard

At this point, you’ve got to know that Mason Music Fest is right around the corner. On August 13, at Avondale Brewing Company, in beautiful Birmingham, AL, massive artists from all over the land are going to assemble Avengers-style to bring Birmingham the greatest one-day festival that’s ever been hosted, ever.

Okay, perhaps I’m being a little hyperbolic — but legitimately, we’re really proud of and excited for this event. Hometown heroes The Brook and the Bluff will co-headline the festivities alongside beloved Nashvillians Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, and for the low ticket price of $25 (which, might I add, goes towards supporting the Mason Music Foundation in granting music lesson scholarships to families who qualify for financial assistance), you can ensure that you’ll be the crowd having a good time to wrap up the end of the summer. Mason Music Fest is much more than those two artists, though — we’ll have family-friendly programming that highlights our Rock Band League program, education about the foundations of rap and hip-hop, and enough yard games, activities, and vendors to keep you entertained all day long. In addition to our two co-headliners, our booking committee pored over potential options to introduce Birmingham to some of our favorite local and regional artists that we truly believe in. Keep on reading to learn more about our talented undercard at Mason Music Fest 2022:


Where She’s From: Nashville, TN by way of Orlando, FL
Listen if you like: Maggie Rogers, Samia

Gatlin for Mason Music Fest 2022

Twenty-three year old Gatlin will be playing immediately before our co-headliners at Mason Music Fest, but make no mistake: this is an artist who could headline her own festivals in the very near future. After spending time at Belmont studying religion and the arts, Gatlin broke out on her own to pursue an artistic career that’s already paying off in dividends. Her music is equal parts feathery and intense — songs like “Masterclass” and “Talking to Myself” ripple with electric 80s-inspired grooves, while the recently released duet of “2000 Miles” with Stephen Sanchez showcases a more vulnerable side of Gatlin’s stylings that is sure to put a clutch in your chest as you hear her incredible voice. She is a gifted storyteller that is dedicated to finding the meaning in music, and you’re sure to walk away impressed after watching her take the stage. Having already toured with The Brook and the Bluff and Pale Waves in recent months, this feels like your opportunity to latch on to an artist before they break big.


Lady Legs

Where They’re From: Birmingham, AL
Listen if you like: Okey Dokey, Peach Pit

Lady Legs Black and White Mason Music Fest 2022 Undercard

I don’t know if this could be considered a proper reunion, but we’re thrilled to have Birmingham music legends Lady Legs return to the stage for Mason Music Fest. The four-piece band made serious waves in the local scene and abroad with their debut album Holy Heatwave in 2018, which elevated the band to new heights when they played Sloss Fest and South by Southwest armed with glowing coverage in outlets like NME and Uncut. Lady Legs make music that’s perfect for a summer day, combining surf-rock guitars with post-punk rhythms within an ethos that sounds like your favorite neighborhood band. They represent some of the best of our local scene, and songs like “Patience” and “Bottomless Pit” will have you grooving.


Shaheed and DJ Supreme

Where They’re From: Birmingham, AL
Listen if you like: Jurassic 5, Atmosphere

shaheed and dj supreme at mason music fest 2022

One of hip-hop’s most consistent and reliable forebearers, we’re thrilled to see Shaheed and DJ Supreme take the stage on August 13. If you’ve lived in Birmingham for any amount of time, you’ve almost definitely seen their powerful performances. Shaheed has a precision and poise on the mic that’s unmatched among the Birmingham hip-hop scene, and when he’s teamed up with DJ Supreme’s soulful and dense production, magic is bound to happen. “Champions of Truth” featuring Akil the MC of Jurassic 5 is my personal favorite track from the group, with an old-school hip-hop feel that’s imbued with the heart of Birmingham. In addition to their set on the Avondale stage, Shaheed and DJ Supreme will lead their K.R.U. program (Knowledge, Rhythm, and Understanding) to walk early attendees through the history and foundations of hip-hop that uses hip-hop as a form of music therapy. This program has been seen all over the Southeast, and having seen it at local DIY space The Firehouse, I can say that’s an informative and beautiful experience that will benefit everyone in attendance.


Jahnah Camille

Where She’s From: Birmingham, AL
Listen if you like: Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers

Jahnah Camille Mason Music Fest 2022 undercard

We wrote about Jahnah Camille recently when discussing the incredible youth movement of the Birmingham music scene and, since that article, things have only become bigger for the burgeoning star. Her song “Elliott” recently broke 200k plays on Spotify, and appearances at this year’s Mason Music Fest and Moonstone Fest alongside artists like Clairo and Jenny Lewis signal a bright future for one of Birmingham’s most talented songwriters. Jahnah’s music has a transportive quality that places you right back in your youth and, at 18 years old, it feels like we’re barely scratching the surface of what she has to give. Do not miss this set — you’ll be kicking yourself for weeks if you do.


There’s an awful lot to love about this year’s Mason Music Fest lineup. Whether you’re a fan of rock music, hip-hop, or folk, there’s bound to be something for you at Avondale Brewing Company on August 13. Tickets are on sale now HERE, and you can learn more about the festival by visiting our website. Now’s the time to get familiar with the lineup — put your headphones in, listen up, and we’ll see you in August!